Thursday, April 4, 2013

The First Picture Post!

After almost three years of living in the fabulous Adirondacks, I finally got tired of keeping my books in grocery bags and shoeboxes. Matt and I bought a bookshelf a few days ago, and today was my first day home alone in weeks. Dearest father-in-law suggested I wait until Matt got home from work and let him set it up, and I promptly ignored him. Since neither Matt nor I had any experience with furniture assembly, I saw no reason to stand back and wait for someone with more testosterone to do something I was equally capable of doing. Additionally, the past month has been rough and I desperately needed a project to clear my head. (I'll be blogging more regularly starting in May.)

Matt was supportive and proud of my efforts. Truly, it was the perfect opportunity to simultaneously support female empowerment and get out of crawling around on a hardwood floor. His old-before-their-time knees and back were appreciative.   

I have the shelves mostly organized by genre, and plan to further arrange them alphabetically by author at a later date. Figment is an adorable photobomber. 

 I made this silk flower bouquet for our wedding, and have kept it around as a decorative keepsake. I              don't know if you can tell, but I'm wearing a black dress. I was an official Offbeat Bride

On the bottom shelf is our budding collection of board games, my binder filled with tabletop session notes and book outlines, and a few odds and ends I haven't found a place for yet. Anyone interested in a copy of Lord Brocktree? As you can see, I have an extra.

The full picture. My OCD tendencies are a little bothered that the shelf doesn't line up with the slanted ceiling, but anything smaller wouldn't have been enough space, and it will be nice to have something larger when we eventually move out of our little apartment upstairs.


  1. Do you not have your own set of Harry Potter books?!?

  2. Sadly, I do not. Seven hardcovers is quite the expense too, so I've been holding off.